Harisree Photography Studio

We are a passionate team of Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers loving to capture and preserve the beautiful moments of your life time. We use many tools to capture our subject matter in a different way: a variety of lenses, changing our camera angle, using long exposures, or very fast ones.Each moment in life has memorable things which are close to our heart, as the time passes our memories fade… We capture the memories of those special moments. We can capture any moment of joy and happiness with great ease so that they remain as sweet memories throughout your life.

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Over Years We are Providing Excellent Services to Make your Events Memorable

Our Services

Concept Wedding

Its human to have your dreams about your wedding, even to the extent of setting it in a forest or in an all-snow zone. Well, we theme your dream wedding stage through our frames, since your dreams are our fodder.

Candid Photography

Memories ride on emotions, and posing not always presents you memories.. Let us catch you candid, so that your event is made memorable through your actions as well as reactions.

Post Wedding Photography

The bride and groom are no longer two, but one. Frame your moments of togetherness, candid or not, in exotic locations of your choice, to cherish forever.

Kids Photography

A kid never looks the same in two different seasons.. Have your kid framed at each stage of his life, to cherish the pride in reflecting upon his growth far into the fuuture.

Cinematic Wedding

Every wedding has a story to tell, if not its a story in itself. Let us tell your wedding story, like your favourite cinema. Let us frame you as stars.