About Us

We are a passionate team of Wedding Photographers, Cinematographers loving to capture and preserve the beautiful moments of your life time. We use many tools to capture our subject matter in a different way: a variety of lenses, changing our camera angle, using long exposures, or very fast ones.Each moment in life has memorable things which are close to our heart, as the time passes our memories fade… We capture the memories of those special moments. We can capture any moment of joy and happiness with great ease so that they remain as sweet memories throughout your life.

We’re there to capture that spark and magic that you ignite when you’re together throught your celebrations.It focus on spontaneity rather than technicality. So it gives a life to the totality of the album.We provide the essential refreshingly contemporary approach to candid wedding photography in India.We promise to create beautiful digital images to meet your specific needs, while projecting a friendly and professionaly.