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A picture is worth thousand words they say, but we feel wedding photographs are more than that. For the amount of love, joy, promise, dreams and memories they carry within, it is an endless journey of emotions that the couple gets to experience on the big day. We make sure not a moment is missed when you are in the flow of the occasion.

With the perfect blend of customary and propelled wedding photography in Evoor Muttom Road, Keerikkad, Kayamkulam, Kerala, Harisree Photography promises exceptional images that catches every single romantic tale. Compared to other parts of the world Kerala weddings are unique time for the couples. We always focus on the bride and groom, and take those photos which draw out the finest and best out of them on their special event. Our wedding photography team has expert photographers and they are exceptionally experienced and skilled to make your event of a life time vital by catching the moments in a mesmerizing way. At Harisree Photography our team is always thrilled and enthusiastic to travel the world over for your photography needs. We cover all religious wedding photography including Christian, Muslim and Hindu wedding photography. We have an amazing team which takes most extreme pride to cover your special day and make it extraordinary and guarantees to give you the best Candid photography for your engagement and wedding day.